Customer Profile

The customer is an Australian startup founded in 2015. Their solution aims to provide fast, professional "live" translation and interpretation services as opposed to rough, schematic and mostly incorrect translations made by automatic translation systems. Users no longer need to submit texts and wait for a response. The application is based entirely on live, real-time communication between users and language professionals.All that is needed for using the app is an Internet connection.

The software is invaluable for everyday situations:

bargaining with sales people overseas

negotiating prices with taxi drivers

asking strangers for directions, to name just a few.

Project Background

The customer was looking for software development experts capable of creating a certain kind of solution – Uber for interpreters. After several months of tedious vendor selection, the customer chose two teams with the most impressive expertise: Cortlex for back-end development, and one of the best Russian agencies for working on the front-end part of the project.

How it works

  • The user chooses the target language and clicks the Call button.
  • The application connects him/her with an assistant who speaks this language.
  • The user explains the situation and takes advantage of live interpreting services offered by the solution.
  • The person on the other end of the line makes everything possible to make sure that the original message is understood.
  • After the conversation, there’s an option to rate the interpreter.

Technologies Used



While working on this project, Cortex closely cooperated with the remote front-end team. Throughout the development phase, the customer maintained regular contact with both teams to discuss and prioritize tasks, and to assist the business analysts of both companies in creating detailed user stories. Due to the nature of the product and constantly changing requirements, many product aspects were had to be designed and formalized in parallel with the development, so Scrum was chosen to make the development process flexible and efficient for all the parties involved. One of the greatest challenges of this project was to create a search system which could quickly and easily find the best interpreter according to language, rating and price. The team worked with a task router, which made the search as efficient as possible.


The work on the translation service application was a great experience for Cortlex. As a result of productive cooperation between Cortlex’s backend team and the front-end team from Russia, the customer received a robust, high-quality product that met the requirements and was ready for launch. This application was widely used during Rio 2016 Olympics.

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