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The customer’s solution is an innovative risk management, threat analysis and reporting platform for companies and individuals undertaking occasional or regular trips abroad. A startup founded and backed by U.S. Army veterans and a vast community of like-minded travelers, this platform offers a convenient channel for receiving real-time information about current threats in the country/area of destination and allows users to make educated decisions about their journey to stay safe throughout their travel. The company’s current portfolio consists of a web client and mobile apps for iOS and Android, while a more complex and functional version of the platform for corporate travel managers is being currently developed.


The customer approached Cortlex looking to expand their development team. Cooperation with Cortlex started with a single senior developer who managed to blend in with the in-house team within a very short time, gain valuable knowledge about the project and reinforce the customer’s confidence in the efficiency of offshore service providers. This resulted in the gradual expansion of the Cortlex team to 4 full-time developers.


The main goal of the project was to build a functional backend and a web application, as well as a mobile app with a simple, user-friendly UI. Data exchange speed and security were the key requirements for the app, as it would need to quickly update maps and enable users to download threat updates even in remote areas over slow mobile connections. Due to the innovative nature of the product, it was initially assumed that many of its aspects would be designed and formalized in parallel with the development process, which made Cortlex recommend Scrum for flexibility and optimal performance. The customer maintained regular contact with Cortlex throughout the development phase to discuss and manage the project’s backlog, prioritize tasks and assist the company’s analysts in creating detailed user stories. The use of the agile approach enabled the company to quickly start developing the skeleton of the future solution and add extra details and features in subsequent iterations.

Team size
Team size

The mobile clients were built using Angular 2, Ionic 2, and Typescript. The biggest challenge for the team was the fact that none of them had had any experience with either of these technologies and mobile development in general prior to the project. However, they managed to quickly familiarize themselves with the necessary frameworks and deliver fully functional mobile apps on time and on budget. The desktop-based management dashboard for Windows and Mac is based on the cross-platform Electron.js framework – the very framework used for developing the desktop version of Slack. In addition, a special Windows service was developed to enable the product to send push notifications to mobile devices. The solution with all of its components heavily rely on a RESTful API, which ensures future scalability, reliability, modifiability and portability.

Schema of development cycle


Several months of hard work resulted in a successful release of the first version of the product, an online service based on a unique concept and possessing a number of outstanding characteristics. The service provides recreational and professional travelers with a reliable source of trustworthy information about threat levels at any global location, and helps them travel with confidence about their safety. Threat updates are available in real time through a web-based interface and mobile applications, which allows users to get timely hazard updates at any point of their journey and take measures of precaution immediately to avoid potential dangers.

The key features of the app:

  • Real-time updates about emergencies, crime-related or potentially life-threatening
  • situations that may take place or have taken place at a particular location.
  • Tracking of the movement of people and/or their property.
  • Plotting of the safest routes.
  • Tips about local culture.
  • Direct communication with service members and growth of the network of contacts.
  • Near-instant updates about crises arising in the user’s destination area.
Project features schema

The service aims to provide users (individuals and organizations) with an easy-to-use channel for obtaining information about safe travel accessible on all platforms (Web, Android, iOS). Users can instantly analyze the situation, respond to potential threats, and make educated decisions about travel risks. With this service, frequent travelers’ commutes become safe and productive, because they can focus on their primary objectives, while the platform takes care about their security. This partnership was a gratifying experience for Cortlex and its customer. Not only has the team delivered a powerful and functional solution, but has also established a friendly relationship with the customer. Thanks to the team’s valuable input, the solution acquired multiple new features that were not part of the original specification.

Technologies Used

c# C# .NET Entity Framework
css plus html HTML + SCSS
angular Angular 2
javascript Javascript
cordova Apache Cordova
ionic Ionic 2
typescript Typescript

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