You Want to Hit the Market Fast? Here Is How We Help

In the fast-paced world of today’s software development, short time to market may be the single most crucial advantage for an online service or mobile app seeking success. These days, ideas tend to expire quicker than it used to put them into code some 10 years ago, so the ability to expediently roll out an MVP and test it on the target audience becomes a vital necessity, not just a competitive advantage.

Quick product roll-outs require a coordinated effort on both sides, both the customer’s and the vendor’s, and the latter must have the resources, the tools and, most importantly, successful past experience of quick team ramp-up, process set-up and delivery to tight deadlines.

Cortlex has worked on a number of pilot projects that aimed to quickly produce a demonstrable version of an application by a particular date, such as the opening of an international conference/exhibition, major corporate meeting or a media event. In all of these cases, the success of our work rested on a few staple elements:

  • Creation of detailed interactive prototypes for advanced UI visualization
    Helps the customer understand the mechanics of the future application and assess its UX aspect. As the result, less time is spent on UI revisions and adaptation later down the road.
  • Thorough scope trimming to prioritize what’s really important and what can wait
    The purpose of an MVP is to test a concept on a preselected target audience, which means that the most essential features must be brought to the front, while the rest of the scope can be put away for subsequent phases.
  • Use of standard, tried-and-tested frameworks/engines, often in combination with commercial templates, for time-saving purposes
    When time is of the essence, there is no point in re-inventing the wheel and going after proprietary solutions. The use of a readily available CMS, engine or framework helps the team to quickly lay the foundation for the product and build upon it to meet the looming deadline.
  • Involvement of a more senior team capable of reaching the cruise speed faster than the regular mix of developers
    When the success of a product and the business relationship is at stake, you can’t settle for anything else than a team of mature professionals capable of delivering quality under pressure.
  • Daily interaction with the customer, short iterations, frequent shipping of intermediate deliverables
    In agile development, communication is king, and it’s even more so if time is in short supply. The team needs to keep their fingers on the pulse of the product owner, instantly react to change requests and be able to make intermediate releases as often as possible to be sure that they are on the right track and on the same page with the customer.

Cortlex uses these practices and approaches to rapid MVP development on a regular basis and has helped a number of companies to build fully-operational pilot versions of their products within very challenging time frames. However, our expertise in quick product development is not limited to MVP/pilot/PoC versions only – these general principles, fully or partially, can and are applied to regular software development projects and yield consistently great results. If you would like to learn more about our services and assess the possibility of completing your project by a particular date, please contact us today.