You are Overrun by Orders and Don’t Have the Manpower to Handle Them? Here Is How We Help

Regardless of the type of business you run, having more orders and service requests than you can handle is an invariably good sign and a powerful incentive to ramp up your production or service capacity. It means that your marketing and sales efforts are paying off or that the quality of your products/services is so high that the word-of-mouth marketing is working its magic. On the other hand, it may be a temporary surge of demand that has no clear explanation to it – and at the same time, an unquestionably good opportunity worth seizing.

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way of telling if peaking order numbers are going to be the new norm, so making a decision to start stepping up your production and hiring people is a hard one. Outsourcing and outstaffing address these issues by giving you the flexibility of dynamically aligning your production capacity with fluctuating demand. When you hire people for permanent positions, you no longer have the liberty of disposing of them when the demand dwindles. Hiring people overseas, however, not only reduces your overheads, but also lets you control the size of your team as your workflow goes up or down, making for a leaner, more efficient production process.

Advantages of going offshore

If you work with a dedicated offshore team, your hands are no longer tied with stringent contract terms, employment regulations and social obligations. You have access to a particular pool of resources and you are free to scale it up or down with an advance notice according to the terms of the agreement with your vendor. As a rule, offshore dedicated teams also allow you to replace specialists on very short notice during the initial trial period, making it possible to quickly achieve a perfect combination of skills, experience and personal qualities that will work well in the long run.

When outstaffing, you rely on your partner in providing the right type resource, either drawing on their internal pool or finding the right candidates on the market and hiring them. This takes away the administrative burden and lets you concentrate on your business objectives and working on requirements rather then putting time and effort into screening and interviewing dozens of candidates. This comes in especially handy if you are a marketing agency or a large software house and often get overrun by orders that you cannot handle internally. In this case, having a reliable offshore partner not only saves your money by leaving you with a larger margin of profit, but also helps you maintain the image of a trustworthy partner in the eyes of your customers.

Finally, the direct and indirect cost of an offshore resource is typically substantially lower than that of a local hire.

How Cortlex can help

Cortlex offers its software development, IT consulting and QA services under a number of models: starting from conventional dedicated team contracts tailored for long-term development projects and all the way through to custom arrangements like technical support teams and bank-of-hours agreements. We are flexible and always do our best to align with the customer’s needs in terms of overlapping hours, resources required, roles and responsibilities, and other aspects of cooperation.

With a large and growing team of IT professionals and access to a vast pool of external resources, we are capable of staffing a project of nearly any size within a reasonable time frame and keeping retention at a minimum. From a single senior developer helping you overcome a production challenge to large, multifunctional teams managed by a Scrum Master on our side, we’ve got it all covered!

If you happen to be struggling with the limitations of your in-house production, let’s talk and see how we can help. Just drop us a line and our sales representative will contact you shortly to discuss details.